The Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) is an administrative committee composed of students, staff, faculty, and an administrative representative with the responsibility to advise the president regarding the establishment and adjustment of campus mandatory and course-based fees in accordance with the provisions of the Chancellor's Executive Order 1102.


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General Information

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Student Fee Categories

Category I Fees - Tuition Fee, Non-Resident Tuition Fee, and Business Professional Program Fee

Systemwide mandatory tuition and other fees that must be paid to apply to, enroll in, or attend the university, or to pay the full cost of instruction required of some students by statute.

The California State University Board of Trustees will establish, adjust, and oversee systemwide tuition. The Board of Trustees provides policy guidance for all matters pertaining to student fees and has authority for the establishment of Category I and VI fees, and oversight and adjustment of Category I fees, pursuant to the Working Families Student Fee Transparency and Accountability Act (commencing with Section 66028 of the Education Code).

Category II Fees - Campus-Based Mandatory Fees

 Campus-based mandatory fees must be paid to apply, enroll in or attend the University every semester.

  • Responsibilities - The President is delegated the authority to adjust Category II fees, consultation with the Student Fee Advisory Committee is required and a student referendum or alternative consultation is expected to measure student support.
  • Timeline -  4 to 5 months
  • Student Fee Referendum - Timeline

Description of Category II Fees

  • Health Services Fee - Charged to all students for access to campus-based health services.
  • Health Facilities Fee - Charged to support a health center facility.
  • Materials, Services, and Facilities (MSF) Fee - Charged to all students to cover various services, facilities, or materials that are made available to all students as part of the overall instructional experience.
  • Instructionally Related Activities Fee (IRA) - (CA ED Code 89721/89230) - Charged to all students for instructionally related activities as authorized by the CSU Board of Trustees.  As defined by California Education Code, "Instructionally related activities means those activities and laboratory experiences that are at least partially sponsored by an academic discipline or department and that are, in the judgment of the president of a particular campus, with the approval of the trustees, integrally related to its formal instructional offerings."
  • Student Body Center Fee (Campus Union Fee) - Charged to all students to support the University Center (Student Union) facility.
  • Student Body Association Fee - (Education Code 89300) - Charged to all students and controlled by the Associated Students (AS). As defined by California Education Code, "A student body organization may be established at any state university under the supervision of the university officials for the purpose of providing essential activities closely related to, but not normally included as a part of, the regular instructional program of the university."
  • Humboldt Orientation Program (HOP) Fee - Charged to all students during their first semester at the university to support an orientation program for all new students.
  • Student ID Card - Charged to all students during their first semester at the university.
Category III Fees - Miscellaneous Course Fee

Fees that are associated with state-supported courses, especially for materials, services, or use of facilities provided by the University and extended field trips.

Course fees supplement the basic complement of classroom and laboratory instruction by providing materials and services that would otherwise be unavailable to students, and which allow students to meet the educational objectives of a given course.

  • Responsibilities - The President is delegated the authority to establish or adjust Category III fees within a range established by the chancellor defined in EO-1102, consultation with the Student Fee Advisory Committee is required.
  • Timeline - 2 to 3 months
  • Humboldt Category III Fee Approval Process
Category IV Fees - State-Supported Administrative Fees and Fines

Fees, other than Category II or III fees, paid to receive materials, services, or for the use of facilities provided by the University (i.e. late registration fee, diploma fee, library fines, testing fees, and locker rentals).

  • Responsibilities - The President has delegated the authority to establish, oversight, or adjust Category IV fees, consultation with the Student Fee Advisory Committee is not required. 
  • Timeline - 1 month
Category V Fees - Self-Support Administrative Fees and Fines

Fees paid to self-support programs such as Extended Education, CalState Online, Parking, and Housing including materials and service fees, user fees, fines, and deposits.

  • Responsibilities - The President has delegated the authority to establish, oversight, or adjust Category V fees, consultation with campus administrators and the chief financial officer is required.
  • Timeline - 1 to 2 months

Category VI Fees - Systemwide Voluntary Fees (Student Involvement and Representation Fee)

Systemwide voluntary fee to ensure that CSU students have a say on tuition, financial aid, student services, course availability, and academic advising. Your elected student leaders oversee involvement and representation dollars through the California State Student Association (CSSA).  CSSA is the official student voice at the university system, state, and federal levels. Collection of the fee shall occur twice annually in the fall and spring academic terms, starting with the fall 2015 term. Each time the fee is assessed, students shall be provided a clear and unambiguous means to decline the payment of the fee.


Constituency (Updated 2021)

The constituency of the Student Fee Advisory Committee includes:

  • The President of Associated Students (or designee)
  • Associated Student Administrative Vice President (or designee)
  • Four (4) students appointed by the Associated Students were nominated by the following groups:
    1. Residence Hall Association (RHA) Designee
    2. Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Member
    3. Two (2) At Large Student Appointments nominated by the Dean of Students
    4. At Large Student Appointment nominated by the Dean of Students
  • Vice President for Administration & Finance (or designee)
  • Vice President for Enrollment Management (or designee)
  • Provost (or designee)
  • One faculty member serving a two-year term, appointed by the University Senate
  • URPC Faculty Co-Chair
  • Chair- The chair of the committee will be appointed by the President yearly from the membership of the committee.
  • Two non-voting Members: Vice President of Administration and Finance or designee and the Executive Director of the Associated Student Body

Committee Members (FY23-24)

  • Sam Parker - President of the Associated Students Designee
  • Andres Olmos - Administrative Vice President of the Associated Students Designee
  • Tony Ureste - RHA President Designee
  • Nate Heron - Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Member
  • Natalie Calderon - Dean of Students Nominee
  • Jahni Caldwell - Dean of Students Nominee
  • Sebastian Taylor - Dean of Students Nominee
  • Amber Blakeslee - VP or Administration & Finance Designee
  • Chrissy Holliday - VP or Enrollment Management Designee
  • Jenn Capps - VP or Provost Designee
  • VACANT - University Senate Appointed Faculty
  • Jaime Lancaster - URPC Faculty

Advisory to the Committee (non-voting)

  • Sandy Wieckowski - Associate Director of Student Financial Services
  • Andrew Kime - Interim Student Accounts Manager
  • Kendra Higgins - Executive Director Associate Students

Proposals Under Review 

Approved Historical Information

Campus Mandatory Fees - Category II

Associated Student Body (ASB) Fee - 2023
Health Facility Fee - 2018

Health Services Fee - 2023
Instructionally Related Activities (IRA) Fee - 2011
Material, Service, and Facility (MSF) Fee - 2010

Student Campus Union Fee - 2019
Student Health Center Fee - 2018

Course Fees - Category III

ESM 460 Course Fee
ESM 469 Mattole Field Camp - 2023
GEOL 334 Field Trip
GEOL 550 Field Trip

WLC480 International Service Learning Program, Mexico
 - 2023

Student Fees - Category V

Enrollment Confirmation
Housing Rates
 - 2023
Housing Rates - 2022
SDRC Psycho-Education Evaluation
Student Locker Rental

Other Fees

Biomechanical Group Balance Testing Community
Children Center Materials Fee Staff & Faculty
Children Center Staff & Faculty
Child Development Center
Group Baseline Concussion Testing
Summer Aquatic Camp
Summer Swim Lessons


Meeting Schedule, Agendas, and Minutes

Meeting agendas will be posted on the website.  Draft minutes are reviewed and approved during the next scheduled meeting, and then posted on the website.

The committee will meet as needed but at a minimum of once per semester.

Zoom Link (Passcode: 776008)

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes
November 16, 2023 Agenda Minutes
December 5, 2023 Agenda Minutes
January 25, 2024 Agenda Minutes
February 15, 2024 Agenda Minutes
February 27, 2024 Agenda Minutes
March 21, 2024 Agenda Minutes
May 2, 2024 (rescheduled April meeting) Agenda Minutes
May 9, 2024 Agenda Minutes